What is Wordpress?

What is WordPress In a Nutshell?



What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source tool for creating and publishing websites to the web, including blogs, business websites, news websites, social networking websites, online shopping carts or a combination of. WordPress acts as a content management system and is not only limited to websites but can also handle web application projects.

There’s a few advantages to using WordPress to create your website, mainly:

  • It’s free and open source
  • It’s got a gradual learning curve
  • it’s got a large and active development community
  • It’s got plenty of support resources
  • Lots of free and premium plugins that extend the functionality of your WordPress website

WordPress also comes with its own challenges that you will want to be aware of, mainly:

  • It’s a security target because of its popularity
  • Plugin conflicts from outdated or no longer supported plugins, to plugins not cooperating with each other and breaking your website

WordPress is a great platform to start with for just about any website project and satisfies a spectrum of users from beginners to advanced users. Depending on your project requirements for the long term, WordPress could also serve as a long-standing solution for your website needs.

Check out some websites made using WordPress.

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